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How to download torrent files using python?

 Downloading torrent using utorrent or bittorrent is quite easy. But for any reason if you want to download torrent using codding then this article is for you. In this post I am using google colab to download torrent file directly to my google drive so downloading speed will be faster. So first I will connect my colab notebook to google drive. After this I will install "libtorrent" library which will help us in downloading torrent. Now, If you want to download using torrent file then you can use below code. It will take a torrent file as input. You can add multiple files. And If you want to download using magnet URL then use below code. This will take magnet URL as input. You can enter multiple magnet URLs. After adding URLs use "Exit" to exit the cell. Now, finally its time to download the file. So just use the below code and It will start downloading the torrent file. Don't forget to change the destination path to