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Python | How to download file from google drive url?

If you want to download a file from URL using python then you can do it easily using "request" library but if you are trying to download file from google drive URL then thing get a bit complicated. In this post I am going to share the code which will help you to download files from google drive URL. To download file from google drive URL you need the key. What key?, the key at the last of the link. For example take the below URL. The text in the orange colour in the URL is the key. You need this key instead of the complete URL. After copying the key you can put it into the below code to download the file. For testing purpose you can use the key provided in the code.   That's it. This is how you can download file from google drive link using python. There are other methods also but for those you need the authorization while with the above method you only need a public google drive link.